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How To Optimize Your Business Listed On An Online B2B Portal

An online B2B business directory can be a potential place to improve your market reach in an effective manner. When most of the business owners are listing their businesses on free business directories in India, there are some business owners who are struggling to optimize their listing to get more traffic. If you have a location specific business or you target specific audience then you should consider the following steps to optimize your business listing on an Online B2B portal.


  • Price: Now, one of the most important aspect through which most of the customers take their final decision is price. Always conduct a market research before placing prices of your products or services on an B2B portal. Your prices should be in accordance with the market trend. What is more important is that your price should justify your product quality.
  • Keyword Research For Local Search: Before you optimize your listing. You should be aware of the specific keywords that are used by customers to search for business owners or service providers. Though it is a bit different from the keyword research for SEO purposes but, you can do this by analyzing your close competitors. See what keywords they have used to list their services, do a market research and then optimize your listing accordingly.
  • Optimized Content: B2B portals usually have a limited area to describe your products or services. Make sure that the content is precise and describe your product and services effectively. If your information on the listing page is right then it is likely that it will attract the right customers. If customers will not get the right information then it is likely that you might loose on some potential leads. All the information should be correct and precise.
  • Latest Products: What customers prefer after checking the price is whether your product is out of the box or not. If you are selling the same stuff then taking a significant lead will be hard. But, if you have something new to offer in the same segment then it will act as a edge for you over your competitors.
  • Display Proof & Verification: It is important that your products or services are authentic and you have legal license to trade. You can gain trust by obtaining authorization and verified mark from notable agencies of respective market segment. Present this on the merchandise page of your listing along with a brief intro about your firm/company/group.

These factors play a major role in promoting your business on B2B business directories. For taking significant lead in your respective segment, join Dealerbaba. Our prominent team not only gives you a place to list your business but, also guide you to optimize it in an effective manner.


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