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5 Global B2B Marketplaces That Can Help You Increase Your Business

Online B2B marketplaces have seen a great boom in past years after Internet marketing has become one of the most prominent tools in the marketing of a product or service. Business to Business marketing, often abbreviated as B2B marketing has been in fashion for a very long time but after the emergence of online marketplaces, it has become more easy and quick for companies to trade amongst themselves.

B2B marketplaces have been in function for quite some time now. There have been many big players that have taken over this market during this time and now are making profit while giving other companies equal chance to make it as well. These marketplaces can help you grow at an enormous level and reach new heights in business.

B2B Marketplaces for increase your Business:

1. Alibaba :


Chinese marketplace, Alibaba is the largest marketplace for B2B marketing. Launched in 1999, Alibaba has a still-growing user base of humongous 18 million. Operating in 240 countries, the language of the portal remains English. It differentiates products in major 40 filter categories. For free, you can post up to 50 products for sale and for more, you need to pay some amount of money depending upon your membership type. For the buyer, you need to post under ‘Request a quote’ and you will be approached by sellers themselves.

2. IndiaMART :


IndiaMART is the largest B2B marketplace in India with up to 60% share in this market. IndiaMART started out as a website to help small businesses with exports by providing them information in 1996, now the portal sees a daily visitor count of 1.6 million. The website works in a similar manner, a basic and premium membership which gets you different perks from the marketplace.

3. Dealerbaba :


Dealerbaba is a free business directory for both product manufacturers and service providers. You can add your business as manufacturer, supplier or service provider, where it will be listed amongst other firms and the buyer can contact you directly for your services. Easy browsing and product selection are some reasons that gives Dealerbaba a lot of advantages over other marketplaces. There is a direct communication established between vendors and buyers so they can trade more easily.

4. Trade India :


Trade India remains the second largest B2B E-commerce platform of India. It started in 1996 as well in Delhi by Bikky Khosla. The website now serves around 2 million registered users which is a huge number and getting listed with such a B2B marketplace platform can do wonders for business. Same as the other two, the portal provides both free and paid membership.

5. EC21 :


EC21 is a Korean B2B portal established in 1997. It is listed as one of the largest 10 online B2B marketplaces worldwide. EC21 operates on three different platforms namely, EC21 Chinese, EC21 Korean and EC21 Global. It has a monthly traffic of one million and about 600 thousand enquiry exchange take place. With a premium membership, you can create your own homepage and sell your products.

So, if you want to grow your business in an effective manner. There are multiple business directories that are available in the market. But, to take the added advantage of these market places, join Dealerbaba. Our professional team of experts are not only efficient in providing best marketing solution but, also help in reaching out to a vast audience in an effective manner.


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